Too comfortable to follow God


There are not many living in Scotland who would go outside and take off our shoes, as it’s just too cold or wet most of the time, especially now.  There’s a story in Exodus chapter 3, when God told Moses to take off his shoes as he approached the burning bush.  God said Moses was standing on Holy ground: meaning that Moses was standing in the presence of God.


We don’t need to take our shoes off to be in God’s presence these days because He is with us everywhere we go; made possible through Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit (John 14.17).  God has always been very specific about how people approach Him, and today the way is through Jesus (John 14.6).


It’s interesting how this is called the story of the burning bush, when in reality the bush didn’t actually burn, neither did any surrounding foliage.  Nothing turned to ash, no fuel was consumed, because this bush hosted the perpetual glory of God’s holiness.


When this burning bush caught Moses’ attention, he went closer to see.  It was then that God called out Moses’ name.  God was reassuring Moses that he was known, and as he approached, was reassured he was accepted and safe, even in the Divine presence of God.


God wanted to get Moses’ full attention to hear about the things He had planned.  This would mean a radical change and disruption to what was familiar to Moses, so naturally, he had some questions like who am I to do such a thing.  God said to Moses, ‘I will be with you’.  Well, nothing else ought to matter, because, in faith we should know that when we follow God’s plan and purpose it’ll be alright.  Although God never promises it will always be straightforward; as we see in Moses’ story.


Moses may have been a bit concerned about what lay ahead, after all,he had left Egypt in a bit of a hurry, he had also been gone a long time and didn’t know what to expect.  His life was finally comfortable.  You know the way it is, being in a comfort zone feels like a secure place and not one to leave easily to take on what seems like an enormous task.  But God was with him, and that settled it for Moses.


Moses’ story demonstrates that when God gets our full attention, wonderful things can happen.  When we step forward in faith with God, even greater things can happen.  When we follow God’s plan and purpose, miraculous things can happen.


Looking into a kaleidoscope the other day reminded me of Moses story.  A kaleidoscope doesn’t do anything if it’s sitting on the shelf, except gather dust.  It relies on someone pointing it to the light while focusing straight ahead, so that the immense potential it holds can become a reality.  When the kaleidoscope is turned, changes begin to happen as all the pieces fall into place to create something different but wonderful.


What was true for Moses is also true for us.  When we turn our face to the Light of the world, as we follow Jesus the unlimited potential begins to become clear as we take up the mission He has set before us.  It may involve change, however, if we sit still waiting for a better time, we will simply gather dust, or worse still, turn to dust waiting for God to do something and all the while He is asking us to step out in faith.


What happened to Moses is incredible and shows us how God will make a way where there seems to be no way.  So, in faith let’s give God our full attention, trust Him and allow Him to send us forward with the mission He has planned ahead.




Father, just as you spoke to Moses long ago, speak to our hearts today and remind us that You are always with us.  Never let us lose sight of your holiness and how You work in the lives of Your people as You call us by name, leading us forward into Your great plan.  Help us to understand the need to accept the time for change is upon us, so help us to walk this path before us, trusting in You, going where You direct us to go, and having the results You want us to have.  Lord, as we embrace the future, let us do so with grace, humility and unity, in the Name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen.