A Better Horizon


Geese are great encouragers, honking regularly to keep each other going.  The goose in front flaps its wings and the one behind gets a lift, conserving great amounts of energy.  When flying in formation, geese swap places regularly to provide rest, thereby strengthening each other to reach their destination together.  If one falls out of formation or to the ground poorly, normally two others will fall behind to wait with it.  What a great example of the team working together, so that they can all reach the better horizon they instinctively know lies before them.


How wonderful that we too can experience the team working together in such supportive ways, encouraging each other to reach the better horizon God has prepared.  We can learn something about this from a man called Nehemiah who is burdened by the current state of things and gets to praying about it.  Those prayers changed the course of his future and that of many others too (Read Nehemiah’s story in the Bible).


A lesson of great faith we learn from Nehemiah is how there’s a time for prayer, but there’s also a time for action to establish everyday practical things, as we faithfully work together to rebuild all that has broken down.  Although, sometimes we need to stop to think about our priorities A.S.A.P.  That’s not to say, ‘as soon as possible’, as we normally associate this abbreviation.  A.S.A.P. can remind us to ‘Always Say A Prayer’.  Prayer has the power to change things, perhaps not in the way we expect, but we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8.28).  Remember, when Nehemiah started out rebuilding the lives of the people, he had nothing but a prayer, but that’s all it took to get the vast job done.


A better horizon lies ahead, but perhaps there’s a need to take time out to rest in God and wait on Him to direct and establish what is next in life (Proverbs 16.9).  Like those geese, we can willingly give encouragement to keep each other going, to keep focused on the better horizon ahead and to do the work of God as we build for the future together.  It’s always good to be generous with support and encouragement, to inspire each other to rise up to rebuild all that has been broken down, as we work together.  Come and join the team and get in touch.


Nehemiah’s example encourages us to seek God for direction and not be distracted by the voices of what needs to be done, what should be done, or what shouldn’t be done.  It was God’s voice that Nehemiah needed to hear, it was God’s direction that Nehemiah needed to discern, so he prayed faithfully.  Like Nehemiah demonstrated we too can put our trust in God, we can put our faith into action, build from a foundation of prayer, encourage each other and rest in God.  For He can take any mess and make a good message out of it.  God can take the test you face, and make it a good testimony.


Prayerfully we can seek God for direction, find God’s perfect plan in every situation and working together, begin to rebuild as God directs and establishes our steps to reach that better horizon.  All the while remembering, God gives us the grace needed for the situation we face, and even when we don’t deserve it, His grace is sufficient for our every need (2 Corinthians 12.9).



Dear God, direct and establish our steps ahead and as we are encouraged by You, that we in turn encourage each other, as we work together for the well-being of all.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.