Sunday 1st August: What’s mine is mine?

I often hear Roy saying, what’s mine is Morag’s and what’s Morag’s is … hers.  However, I do know he’s joking when he says that, because he knows full well that what’s mine is also his.  But, consider this, in our God-given inheritance, what’s mine, is mine and what’s yours, is yours, as everything comes from our Heavenly Father in equal measure.

Receiving your full inheritance from God is now up to you.  Let me explain.  Imagine you are sitting on the steps of a great mansion, it’s all yours, the contents and the building.  All you have to do is open the doors, walk in and you will inherit it all.  Except there’s a problem.  You won’t open the doors to take what is rightfully yours.  Unaware of the vast riches on offer you remain sitting outside on the steps, not knowing, or experiencing, all that awaits you.  Not knowing it’s rightfully yours for the taking.

For many of us, that’s how we are with our God-given inheritance, because we neglect to open the cover of the Bible to find out what rich inheritance God has given us, and so, remain oblivious to the vast wealth of guidance, promises, truth and blessings that is rightfully ours.  Therefore, what we have been given in Christ Jesus remains concealed, and we miss out on God’s rich inheritance available to us.

The Bible teaches we are free, redeemed, healed, blessed, and so much more, yet we sit around on the front step of the mansion of our inheritance, and pray for more faith to enter through a door that’s already open wide.  Faith in God, through Jesus, is our title deed to the vast inheritance, if we would only get off the step, and believing, take hold of what is rightfully ours.

What is the key to opening the door of our rich inheritance?  Believe in the Father, believe also in Jesus (John 14.11) and follow Him who is the way, the truth and the life (John 14.6).  Because the whole plan from the Father heart of God, is for us to possess what is truly ours in Christ Jesus.  When Jesus said we now know the way to receive all that lies within that mansion, basically, Jesus is saying, ‘what’s mine, is yours’!  One of His riches for those who believe, is to do greater things than He did on earth (v12).  That’s not a promise, it’s a fact.  So, unbelief doesn’t belong in the heart, or vocabulary, of a believer when it comes to the things of God as it contradicts His Truth and prevents us from inheriting all God offers.  That includes being given the right to pray in Jesus’ name, as He says, ‘if you ask anything in My name, I will do it to the glory of the Father’ (v13).  Again, not only a promise, but a fact.  A fact with a condition: ‘if you will’ (ask), ‘I will’ (do it).

Biblical Christianity should be seen as Truth based on our belief in the total reality of God, and not just about religious, nice things.  Think about it this way, there’s a story of a stubborn man who wouldn’t read his Bible, so he remained unconvinced about God and all the while he made up his own theories about things concerning God.  One day, a friend said to that man, ‘Well, let’s see, how many legs has that cow over there?’  ‘Four, of course,’ came the reply.  ‘That’s right,’ agreed the friend.  ‘Now suppose you call that cow’s tail a leg; how many legs would the cow have?’  ‘Why, five, of course,’ was the confident reply.  ‘Now, that’s where you’re wrong,’ said his friend. ‘Calling a cow’s tail, a leg, doesn’t make it a leg.’  The cow still has four legs and that’s the truth no matter what you say.[1]

There’s always more to know, and more to believe but if you’re still wondering how to get to know Him, and find the way to your inheritance then this from Romans 10.17 will help, faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God.  So, be diligent with the evidence of God’s inheritance to you and read, study, meditate on His Word daily, and that will lead you to what’s His, and is now what’s yours as His inheritance to you.


Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we look to you with confidence that you are who you say you are and ask that you will bless us with every spiritual blessing as choose to believe in You and Your Word of Truth contained in the Bible.  Our instruction manual for life, Your will and testimony of facts that state the fullness of what You have given to those who believe in You.  Help us to take hold of the Truth, amen.

[1] Bits and Pieces, July, 1991