It’s all about Jesus


When we watch the annual nativity play, or more appropriately for the last couple of years, if we think back to when we watched the performances of the children’s nativity play at school or in church, do you recall with fond memories how most of the characters are given a part.  Some remember their part, some don’t, but it all adds to the charm of the event.  If there are some sheep or a donkey, they too normally have a part to play, perhaps a song or actions, but it all works together to delight us with the annual nativity that we look forward to.


But what about the baby Jesus?  The new-born king, lying in the manger, is central to the whole event as everything revolves around Jesus.  Mary His virgin mother is with the child just as the angel said.  Caesar Augustus makes His parents travel to Bethlehem as was foretold to be the place He would be born. The angel announces His birth to the shepherds.  The shepherds go with haste to find Him for themselves and worship Jesus in the cattle shed.  The wise men travel from far by following the star, and they bring Him gifts.  All the while, Jesus’ presence is what matters most on that stage, He is crucial to the whole nativity, after all, it is all about Him.


We often hear people say that ‘Jesus is the reason, for this season’; however, in reality Jesus is the reason for everything.  The Bible reminds us in John 1.3 that ‘All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made’.  The Bible puts Jesus centre stage, with whispers of Him on every page.


However, when it comes to Christmas time, we often get tied up wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, enjoying the festivities with family and friends, preparing the menu for lunch and yet we forget the main character of Christmas is Jesus.We need to remember that if God hadn’t broken into our world with His physical presence, there would be no Christmas for us to celebrate.


Is Jesus centre stage in your preparations throughout this season, or what else would you say Christmas is all about?  Some say Christmas is all about the children.  It’s true that children enjoy the fun involved around the festivities of Christmas, but is it only the children who relate to the nativity story nowadays?  To say that Christmas is only for the children, means missing out on what God really wants to say about why Jesus came to earth for children and adults alike.  Jesus was, is and will always be God’s bigger plan for our redemption.


There’s a legend about King James V of Scotland that tells of how he would often set aside his royal robes and exchange them for the clothes of a commoner, or even a beggar.  Dressed this way he was able to wander among the people and find out what life was like outside of the castle.  It gave the king an opportunity to experience life as it was for them, albeit this was only for a brief outing.  It’s said this was an intentional act of humility, as the king took a step into a world that was very different to the one he came from.


When we think about that in terms of Jesus, we realise how He did so much more.  Jesus didn’t just walk among us on earth temporarily, He gave up His heavenly position and all its privileges in an act of sacrificial humility that revealed the reality of God’s love for us.  Jesus became one of us and lived as one of us.  The Bible tells us, that ‘Christ Jesus … made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.  And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross!’ (Philippians 2.6-8).


Christmas is all about Jesus, so make Him centre stage by your response to the reality of Him coming to earth as a baby, and appreciate the truth of Jesus Christ who died as our Saviour.


This is our prayer … Dear God, in the nativity story we see that Christmas is all about Jesus, so help us to remember our part in the bigger story of our salvation.  As we draw nearer to Christmas, the day we have been preparing and planning for, give us a renewed appreciation of what Jesus accomplished by His birth, life and death.  Help us to understand the depth of meaning in Your perfect plan.  Let there be no hesitation on our part to seek and find the One You have made known, and help us to keep Jesus Christ centre stage in our lives, in His Name we pray, amen.