Reflection 18th July: Who is God?

We can’t answer that question in such a short reflection; however, we could say, well, ‘He is God’ and leave it there as we sometimes do. That might be the simple answer, but in actual fact it would take months, if not years, to begin understanding Who God Is, and even then, our study wouldn’t be finished or perfect.

We shouldn’t be thinking about who God is to you, or to me, that would end up with a flawed understanding, but rather we need to consider ‘who is God’, as He wants us to know Him from the Bible. That is the information that helps us grow in faith or understand what it means to be a child of God, because it’s how He reveals Himself to those who take the time to find out.

The Bible presents God as He rightly is through the 300 or so terms or names recorded. Each name or reference presents an aspect of His character for us to relate to Him as He meets our needs, or takes us into the future. For example, at first glance we may understand God to be great and sovereign, yet humble and meek. He is strong and powerful, yet sensitive and respectful. God is authoritative and imposing, yet merciful and tender. He is righteous, while forgiving. God is just, but all the while loving. He is firm, but approachable. God is love, truth, righteousness. He is all-powerful, ever-present, all-knowing, eternal, Creator who is full of grace and mercy, He is our Father in Heaven.

We could stop there, go away and ponder on those sincere biblical statements about God, but to be honest, that brief summary of our Great and Mighty God, only gives a glimpse into the multifaceted character of God and who He is.

There are no measures available to gauge the infinite greatness of God. Psalm 145.3 (Amplified Version) tells us, Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised, and His greatness is [so vast and profound as to be] unsearchable [incomprehensible to man]. So, even though it’s not possible for human minds to know what God is capable of or what He has done, in essence, to not fully understand who He is, perhaps then, only an exclamation of faith will suffice when words of explanation are not adequate. Especially as we know that without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11.6), because it is by faith we are saved (Ephesians 2.8).

For, even if we have no way to fully measure or understand God, we can marvel at His indescribable glory. And although we may not be able to define who He is with accuracy; we can adore Him with fervency. When we have no way of explaining who God is, we can still rejoice in His love.

There’s an exciting journey ahead of us as we find out who God is, going forward in faith, because God wants us to know Him personally and intimately, to trust Him, to experience His love and walk in His ways of truth, integrity and blessing. That’s why He gives us so much information about Himself in His Word, so we can appreciate who He is as He is, in all that means.
Charles Spurgeon, who was a great preacher, once said, ‘God has great things in store for His people; therefore, we ought to have large expectations’.
As we’ve considered the question, ‘who is God’ ever so briefly, this reflection presents a very sparse selection of biblical truths about Him. Hopefully it is the inspiration we need to seek God in prayer and through His Word, asking Him to reveal Himself as He chooses to be known. It may not be instant revelation to this prayer, but it will be a worthwhile journey.

Father God, give us openness of heart to receive a deeper revelation of Your indescribable greatness, to make way for consideration of my response to Your saving grace, Your sustaining love, and

Your seamless forgiveness. You have given the freedom of choice to all, so I pray for wisdom to use that freedom wisely to see the truth and integrity in Your righteous character, to become spiritually mature, strong in faith, growing in grace, trusting in Your loving nature. For You are the God of Wonders, the Rock of my Salvation, the God of Promises, the God of all Creation, the God who is full of Mercy, who was, is and will always be. Dear God, within each of those definitions is a depth and wealth of meaning that I would like to understand over time, so, impart Your wisdom to begin the search for understanding of who You are, that my life will be enriched with eternal treasure. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.