Be our guest

Our invitation to you to be our guest, to be part of the family, to be part of the journey with us at Coalburn and Lesmahagow Church.

Who we are

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are all just ordinary people that have experienced joys and disappointments, we, like you, also have hopes and dreams.

We are part of God’s family, a church family, who help support each other through life … the mistakes, the fears, the frustrations, and sorrows. But, we are also there to celebrate with each other in the achievements, the victories and happy times.

We are people who gather to support each other and never judge, because we cherish the fact that Jesus accepts us just as we are, for who we are.

Jesus has shown us that we are accepted by our loving God, and therefore, by following His example we are accepted by each other.

Church is not a religious ritual!

Our aim is to experience the love, joy, peace, and forgiveness that Jesus offers us all. God’s plan is to show us the meaning of life through His purpose for our journey through life: a life of abundance in His promises that lead to eternal life in His presence.

Church is not a religious ritual we go through every week, but it’s a time for us to deepen our relationship with God and with each other, which makes us a welcoming church.

We understand that it’s not always easy to walk into a new church, we’ve all been there, so feel free to make yourself known to our Minister, Morag, and to the lovely people who will meet you at the door. We will be happy to help you feel comfortable as our guest.

We are a church with a passion to share the good news of how much God loves us, and we earnestly seek to get back to the living, miracle working Jesus Christ, who makes all things new, and who makes life worth living.

What to expect at a Sunday service

On a Sunday at the services, our Minister will spend some time sharing some important life lessons from the Bible, which we believe is the Word of God.

There’s normally a reflection that appeals to all ages and something ‘with a bit more meat on the bones’ for the adults, but this is always shared in an easy-to-understand language.

However, we remain passionate about sharing God’s radical, life changing Word in ways that help us to understand more about Him and His ways, which are relevant and practical for everyday living.

Children are always welcome at both Coalburn and Lesmahagow and we love to have them join us with you, we enjoy the fun they add to our times together. Don’t worry about them not sitting still or being quiet, because we aren’t.

And afterwards

There’s normally a cup of coffee, tea and a biscuit after the services so that we get a chance to catch up on the news of what’s been going on in the community or with each other.

You are always welcome to join us for that time.

Our organist, Janis, leads us in the music which might seem a bit different to you at first, but we like to include a range of meaningful songs that have words to inspire us to think deeper about our theme for the week.

So, this is our invitation to you to be our guest, to be part of the family, to be part of the journey with us at Coalburn and Lesmahagow Church.