Sunday 15th August: Bring out the book!

There are times through the history of God’s people – whether it be the Jews in the Old Testament, or indeed the church in the New Testament, and even still today … when God’s word has been misunderstood, neglected or shelved.  However, the living and active Word of God, transcends time and is always relevant […]

Sunday 8th August: Taking Flight

Throughout the Bible, God records a multitude of instances where He speaks to His people, often through dreams, visions, and prophetic words.  Sometimes, these prophetic visions are recorded in short accounts presented in graphic descriptions, while others feature entire prophetic visions from God.  For example, Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds (Daniel […]

Reflection 25th July: Remind me, who am I?

If you and I were to have a chat and I asked you to tell me who you are, what would you say? Asking ‘Who am I’, is a thought-provoking question that has been asked by many throughout the ages. However, it’s not a simple answer, because ‘who I am’ can be determined by a […]

Reflection 18th July: Who is God?

We can’t answer that question in such a short reflection; however, we could say, well, ‘He is God’ and leave it there as we sometimes do. That might be the simple answer, but in actual fact it would take months, if not years, to begin understanding Who God Is, and even then, our study wouldn’t […]

Prayer for today

Our Father, we pray to you as Abba, our Heavenly Father following the example Jesus taught, revealing it’s our privilege to enter into a personal and intimate relationship with the Creator of all things. The infinite One who set the stars in place (Psalm 8.1-4), and yet the intimate One who knows the number of […]