Sunday 1st August: What’s mine is mine?

I often hear Roy saying, what’s mine is Morag’s and what’s Morag’s is … hers.  However, I do know he’s joking when he says that, because he knows full well that what’s mine is also his.  But, consider this, in our God-given inheritance, what’s mine, is mine and what’s yours, is yours, as everything comes […]

Love Is?

Today, at Matthew 22:34-40, we again find Jesus being questioned by a group of Pharisees who ask him, “Which is the greatest commandment in the Law”? (22:36)

It’s a taxing question

Over the last few weeks, we have read of the religious leaders in Jerusalem being on the receiving end of a series of highly critical parables that Jesus told (Matthew 21:23-22:14).

Invitations for All

Nowadays, (at least in pre-covid days) it is quite common that those who are to be invited to a wedding are sent a ‘save the date’ card.