Sunday 22nd May 2022: The inevitable …Change

The inevitable …Change As a young child I did things as a child, at one point in my young life I knew the answers to nearly everything and I believed I could do anything … until the change into adulthood and maturity took place.  I wish I was still able to do all the things […]

Sunday 15th May 2022: Time is Ticking

Time is ticking!   What if you had a bank that opened each morning with £86,000 in it.  However, the money can’t be carried over from one day to the next.  Given that scenario, most of us would draw out every penny every day and use it wisely for ourselves, our family or a good […]

Sunday 8th May: Laying the Foundation

How do I pray?   Do you ever have trouble thinking of something to say when talking to a good friend?  Probably not as you know each other so well, you just chatter away about life in general or things that are on your mind.  I have a friend that I talk with often but […]

Sunday 1st May: Overcoming discouragement

Carrot, egg or coffee bean?   There’s a story of a young woman who went to visit her mum, as she needed to talk about how difficult things were for her at this time.  It just seemed like she was fighting one problem after another.  Her mum listened patiently, then took her daughter into the […]

Come along

What a lovely time we had this morning with some pupils from Lesmahagow High School. The interest they showed and the ideas they came up with gave us great encouragement.   The buzz continued this afternoon with a visit from P6 children from Milton PS. Their enthusiasm and exuberance was wonderful. This group too came […]

Sunday 24th April: Going to the party

Going to the party   Recently on a Saturday afternoon, my daughter called and opened with urgency in her voice ‘where are you’? That was quickly followed with her asking if I could take my grandson to a birthday party, which startedin30 minutes.  I had such a lot to do that day, so said ‘sorry […]

Good News

Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Hallelujah

April 17th: The truth about Easter, whether I believe it or not!

The truth about Easter, whether I believe it or not!   Easter seems to have come around quickly this year; it doesn’t seem that long ago Christmas was upon us.  But when we think about it, the two are intrinsically connected.  Without Christmas, there would be no Easter, and if it wasn’t for Easter, Christmas […]